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Top 25 Twitter Small Business Experts to Follow

Posted by Thomas Gazaway

Jan 16, 2013 10:30:00 AM

working capital,small business loansLenCred decided that we wanted to kick off 2013 with an explosion of resources for small business owners with our Top 25 Twitter Small Business Experts to Follow. We may specialize in small business loans and providing working capital for small business owners but we've learned and been inspired by many leaders across a wide range of industries. It would be fair to say that we would not have been named to the Future 50 group by Smart CEO magazine if it weren't for the influence of many of these amazing leaders.

Here's a look at 25 of the thought leaders whose insights have helped inspire LenCred with their quality content and helpful small business understanding. They're listed alphabetically by twitter handle– we wouldn't want to try to rank them, as they're all great!

@bhalligan Brian Halligan - CEO of Hubspot, Author of Inbound Marketing book.

@brianmoran Brian Moran - Formerly with Inc Magazine, Entrepreneur Mag, and Success Mag, Brian has spent the last 20+ years helping America's entrepreneurs realize their dreams.

@CarrieWilkerson Carrie Wilkerson Twitter Verified Account - Speaker & Author of The Barefoot Executive: The Ultimate Guide for Achieving Financial Freedom & Being Your Own Boss.

@Chrisbrogan Chris Brogan Twitter Verified Account - CEO & President of Human Business Works, a business design company helping professionals improve their experience with marketing, sales, and service. 

@copyblogger Brian Clark - Content marketing, online publishing, and copywriting advice. When it comes to content this guy is nothing less than a freakin stud. Copyblogger

@danielburrus Daniel burrus - Technology Futurist, Innovation Expert, Business Strategist, Keynote Speaker & Author of the best-selling book, Flash Foresight

@dharmesh Dharmesh Shah - Twitter Verified Account - Founder and CTO of HubSpot and developer of - there's more but you mainly need to know he's super polite, influential, & nobody dislikes this guy. #Trust

@ducttape John Jantsch -Small business marketing consultant, speaker and author of Duct Tape Marketing. Unlike many people who are writing books nowadays he actually is an expert on the subjects he writes about! 

@entmagazineamy Amy Cosper - Editor-in-Chief, Entrepreneur Magazine. If you've heard her or read her stuff you'll realize that it wasn't Daddy who got her a job. She's good and her publication is one you should know well if you're a 'trep' as she calls entrepreneurs. 

@Garyvee Gary Vaynerchuk Twitter Verified Account - New York Times and Wall Street Journal Best-Selling author who is all about passion. Nobody drops more F-bombs than Gary Vee - don't miss a chance to see him live if you can. Gary vay* ner* chuck 

@GrantCardone Grant Cardone Twitter Verified Account - NY Times BestSeller, TVsTurnAround King, Radio Show Host, Sales Training Expert, Business Coach. I just ordered his Entrepreneur package & can't wait to use it with our team! Grant Cardone

@guykawasaki Guy Kawasaki Twitter Verified Account - Author of APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur. Former chief evangelist of Apple. Inbound Marketing advocate. 

@jeff_haden Jeff Haden - Bestselling non-fiction ghostwriter and columnist for This guy is a machine. I can't figure out how ALL his stuff is so good and compelling. He's a beast, you need to follow him & read his stuff. Blackbird Media

@johnulzheimer John Ulzheimer - Credit Author, Credit Expert Witness, & Credit Educator. Nobody knows credit like this guy and he's not afraid to speak the truth even if it pisses some people off. John Ulzheimer

@lisabarone Lisa Barone- If you read Small Business Trends then you know her. If you don't read SBT then what's wrong with you? She has the elusive combination of actually knowing her crap and being a good writer. Imagine that huh! Overit

@randfish Rand Fishkin Twitter Verified Account - CEO & founder of SEOmoz. If there's a short-list of SEO guru's then he's on it. His SEOmoz site is really good...actually, it kicks ass.

@Richardbranson Richard Branson Twitter Verified Account - Uncle Richard kind of speaks for himself but if you've been living under a rock then here you go: Founder and known as Dr Yes at Virgin

@Rieva Rieva Lesonsky - CEO GrowBiz Media & Small business advocate, journalist, best-selling author. Former editorial director of Entrepreneur magazine. Knows everyone. Great writer. Running out of space here, you get the idea? 

@Smallbizlady Melinda Emerson Twitter Verified Account - Host #SmallBizChat, Author Become Your Own Boss in 12 Months. She's the SBTQ, Small Biz Twitter Queen, I think she lives her life on Twitter. In terms of passion, she's the female version of Gary Vee (minus the F-bombs of course).

@smallbiztrends Anita Campbell - Forbes Top Influential Woman for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Trends CEO. Not many are as influential - or as amazingly nice & humble - as Anita. If you don't know her name then please crawl out from under your rock.

@ballantaylor Barbara Taylor - Business broker, blogger & NYTimes contributor. Great gal. Great writer. We love her conference room table too! Allan Taylor & Company

@thechrishurn Chris Hurn - Amazon BestSelling author -- The Entrepreneur's Secret to Creating Wealth. If you're buying or refinancing your commercial property then he should get a call from you. Nobody knows SBA 504's like him. 

@therisetothetop David Garland - Host Of The Rise To The Top, Web TV Show Host, Helping mediapreneurs. He finds a way to make his shows entertaining. Check out his archive of guests. As you might say in 140 characters #Impressive.

@Zappos Tony Hsieh Twitter Verified Account - CEO of Zappos. Let's see, they did $1B in less than 10 years with the Science of Happiness and a crazy culture. You should listen to him. 

Finally, our 25th thought leader or should we say "leaders" is none other than our favorite entertainers on televsion...the cast of ABC's Shark Tank!

@BarbaraCorcoran Barbara Corcoran - The original Shark Tank lady. She does real estate in Manhattan and kissed Mr. Wonderful. I say she's earned her respect.

@kevinolearytv  Kevin O’Leary Twitter Verified Account - Chairman O'Leary Funds, Author Cold Hard Truth & Men Women & Money. He's quotable and painfully honest. If he partners with you and writes you a check then you #GotYourStuffTogether.

@LoriGreiner Lori Greiner Twitter Verified Account - Self-Made Mogul/Inventor/Entrepreneur with 115 patents, 400+ products and Shark on Shark Tank on ABC. She's not a afraid to fight with the boys and she knows how to win.

@mcuban Mark Cuban Twitter Verified Account - He and Kevin have the deepest pockets among the sharks and they occasionally have words. I love him on Shark Tank but my favorite story is how he bought expensive towels & put them in the other team’s locker room.

@robertherjavec Robert Herjavec - founder of Herjavec Group, Shark on ABC, he seems genuinely likeable & with his collection of cars he should be on MTV Cribs. #MTVcribs

@TheSharkDaymond Daymond John Twitter Verified Account - Motivational Speaker, Brand Consultant, TV Personality on Shark Tank/ABC, Founder of FUBU.

Who's inspired you and helped you build your business? Leave a comment or tell us on twitter at @tomgazaway (Twitter Verified Account) or @lencred and let us know who you'd like to thank. 

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